Academic Catalog

Portfolio Credit

Prior Experiential Learning (Portfolio Credit) is a learning experience that took place outside of a college or university course, where academic degree credit was not earned. A maximum of 25% of credits towards an Aspen University degree can come from a combination of alternative credit and Portfolio Credit*. Any portfolio credits awarded count towards the total maximum allowable credits outlined in the transfer credit qualification section. Recognized learning experiences include, but are not limited to:

  • Military Training
  • Continuing education courses (with course descriptions and outcomes)
  • Seminars and workshops (with class descriptions and outcomes)
  • Training Programs or in-Service courses (with program descriptions and outcomes)
  • On the job training (with descriptions and documentation of completion)

Academic Standards for awarding Portfolio Credit are in the Portfolio Guideline Handbook and includes submission of an essay following the Kolb’s Model of Experiential Learning.

Credit is awarded for documented learning and must align the experience to the topics and course objectives in an appropriate academic context. Portfolio credit applications are reviewed by the program Dean or designated faculty.

*MSN courses and doctoral-level courses are not eligible for portfolio credit.

Process for Portfolio Credit Application Submission

Students should contact their Advisor for more information regarding the Portfolio Credit application process and to request a copy of the Portfolio Credit Guideline Handbook.