Academic Catalog

Academic Progress and Participation Policy

Degree Progress

Students must progress through the courses required for their degree in a prescribed order.  The goal of this requirement is to ensure continued success and to confirm that students have an adequate foundation of knowledge to continue on in their program as the courses build.


Course Progress

Assessment of student progress in a course is based on the timeliness of the student’s recognized participation in academic or academically related activities. If a student fails to demonstrate recognized academic participation within the first 7 consecutive days of a course, they will be administratively withdrawn from the course. If a student fails to demonstrate recognized academic participation for 14 consecutive days, they will be administratively withdrawn from the course. Students are subject to this policy throughout the entire course, including any officially approved course extensions.

Academic or Academically Related Activities

Students must participate in academic or academically-related activities throughout their class. At Aspen University, academic or academically-related activities include:

  • Submitting an academic assignment;
  • Taking a quiz or exam; and
  • Making a quality contribution to an online discussion board within the classroom.

Recommended Every 7-Day Academic Participation Schedule

The student should maintain the following academic participation schedule to avoid the risk of being Administratively Withdrawn from a class for failure to demonstrate adequate course participation and progress.

8 Week Course Schedule

Before End of Day Activity
3 Post an initial response to the Discussion Question
7 Submit First Module Discussion and Assignment
14 Submit Second Module Discussion and Assignment
21 Submit Third Module Discussion and Assignment
28 Submit Fourth Module Discussion and Assignment
35 Submit Fifth Module Discussion and Assignment
42 Submit Sixth Module Discussion and Assignment
49 Submit Seventh Module Discussion and Assignment
56 Submit Eighth Module Discussion and Assignment. Final day to submit any additional work.

Note: Students are required to post assignments during the Module in which it is due or the assignment may not receive full points.