Academic Catalog

Catalog Rights and Changes

Special care is given to ensure information in this publication is an accurate description of programs, policies, procedures, facilities, personnel, and other matters relevant to the operation of Aspen University.

It is the intention of Aspen University to protect the rights of students with respect to the curriculum and graduation requirements. There are times when catalog requirements may change. Aspen University will make every effort to ensure a students’ degree plan does not change wherever possible.

Aspen University has the right at its discretion to make reasonable changes in program content, class schedules, materials and equipment, as it deems necessary in the interest of improving the student’s educational experience. Aspen University reserves the right to make changes in policy and procedures as circumstances dictate. When ongoing federal, state, accreditation and/or professional changes occur that affect students currently in attendance, Aspen University will make the appropriate changes and notify the students accordingly. Aspen University will authorize substitutions for discontinued courses where appropriate.

Students declaring or changing degree programs will be subject to the catalog requirements in effect at the time of the requested change.

Catalog rights of students cannot supersede any State or Federal regulation or requirements including, but not limited to, military tuition assistance (TA), federal student financial aid (SFA) and Veterans Administration (VA) benefits.

The Catalog is updated throughout the year in form of an addendum. For the most current catalog and addendum, please visit the Aspen University website at