Academic Catalog

Continuous Enrollment Policy

Students are required to maintain Continuous Enrollment throughout their degree program. Students are considered Continuously Enrolled while they are currently enrolled in a course and up to 30-days after a course is completed. During that time period the student’s status is considered Active. After the 30-day period, should a student not commence with academic participation in their next course, the student will have their status changed to Inactive. In the event the student does not enroll in their next course within 180 days and is not on an approved Leave of Absence, the student will be Administratively Withdrawn from the university. Students who are Administratively Withdrawn must reapply for admission.

Continuous Enrollment for Federal Student Aid

A student receiving Federal Student Aid must make progress through a program at a rate that ensures the student will not be administratively withdrawn due to violating Aspen University’s Continuous Enrollment policy. Students who fail to maintain Continuous Enrollment, as defined above, may lose their eligibility for Federal Student Aid and may have reduced access to funds.

For students receiving Title IV funding, the maximum time of non-attendance is 30 consecutive days. Unless there is an Approved Leave of Absence on file, students who do not commence with academic participation in their next course for more than 30 consecutive days will be considered Withdrawn, for Title IV purposes only, and will be reported as such to NSLDS in accordance with Federal Regulation. The student’s future aid disbursements will be removed, and upon returning to Aspen University the student must reapply for financial aid funding. If at any point a student is not enrolled, Federal Student Aid is subjected to repayment.