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CIS315 Business Information Systems

Today, in business, we see the continuing emergence of the digital firm. A continuing stream of information technology innovations is continuing to transform the business world. Every aspect of the firm is not only touched by the digital process, but has been transformed by it. Managing information systems has become a task for all levels of managers and all functional areas of the business. In today's digital firm there is no escaping the opportunities (as well as the challenges) that technology brings. This course focuses on understanding the nature of the digital firm and the key issues in organizing and managing it. Managers need to identify the challenges facing their firms; understand the technologies that will help them meet these challenges; design business processes to take advantage of the technologies; and create management procedures and policies to implement the required changes. It is essential that business students understand how information technologies are changing business firms and markets today and how they will likely change in the near-term future as digital technologies continue to evolve.