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CIS434 Internet Marketing

Much has been written about how the Internet will revolutionize the practice of marketing. While it is clear that this new technology will not replace offline marketing vehicles, including print, radio and television, the Internet can ""turbo charge"" a firm's marketing strategy. By this, we mean that the interactivity and individuality afforded by the Internet allow marketers to create synergy by supporting and enhancing offline levers. Additionally, online marketing levers can be leveraged, when appropriate, to decrease or replace the use of offline levers. The goal of this course is to encourage current and future executives, managers and strategists to rethink their views on marketing strategy. The course presents a customer-centric view of marketing, one that focuses on how firms can create tangible customer relationships by using a practitioner-focused, seven-stage framework for the conception, design and implementation of marketing programs. These customer relationships are enhanced by a wide range of online and offline marketing levers, with an emphasis on the Internet.