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CIS515 Management of Information Systems

This course imparts valuable insight into the planning, organizing, and controlling of user services. Managing the essential technologies as well as the management of the traditional information systems development process is explored. This course also incorporates investigation into organizational learning curves, dealing with vendors, budgeting, accounting, management reporting, and legal considerations of information systems (IS). Each module in this course melds textbook material with additional content from external resources. This course addresses issues and strategies enabled through creative exercises and brief research projects designed to help students synthesize new learning and apply the concepts presented. Each encourages critical thinking about the subject matter. A broad range of analysis and synthesis skills, such as inference, recognition of assumptions, deduction, evaluation of arguments, and interpretation are enlisted through such project-oriented assignments. Investigating articles and case studies that present timely and different approaches to information systems management assists in emulating real MIS challenges. Discussion questions afford online interactive students the opportunity to exchange ideas with peer learners on current topics concerning this dynamic field.