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CIS655 XML Programming

This beginning Extensible Markup Language (XML) course investigates and outlines the use of XML Schemas, SOAP, XSLT, DOM, and SAX 2.0. Major Course Goals for this course are to 1) gain an exposure to XML and how it is being used in application development and 2) understand how XML is used in enterprise application deployment. It's most well-known applications are web related but it can be used on other non-web-based applications as a replacement for traditional databases or for the transfer of financial information between businesses. To illustrate and reinforce course concepts, a variety of examples, readings, exercises and required terms to become familiar with and use will be examined along with two case studies. Topics throughout the course to be discussed in detail are an introduction to XML - "a mark-up language used to describe the structure of data in meaningful ways" and how XML may be used (anywhere that data is input/output, stored, or transmitted from one place to another and is a potential fit for XML's capabilities).