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CIS660 Website Development with HTML/JavaScript

JavaScript is one of the most used scripting languages on the Internet. It is also the standard for client-side scripting. In other words, even though a JavaScript program resides on a web site, it is using the computing resources of the user's hardware and software. Xtensible Hyper Text Markup Language. The precursor was HTML. However, with XHTML unlike HTML, content can be separated from presentation. A full explanation of XHTML is necessary to take full advantage of JavaScript which is embedded in XHTML web pages. Editing, headings, linking, lists, tables and cascading style sheets (CSS) will be covered as well as many other features. JavaScript will cover control statements, functions, arrays, objects, document object model (DOM) and events. Also, the course project is about creating a working web site based upon sponsorship needs, business and monetary models. The student will use a What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) web editor.