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CJ401 Comparative Criminal Justice Systems

Welcome to Comparative Criminal Justice Systems. The class will explore how crime is addressed and adjudicated in selected countries bearing varied cultural perspectives. It is important to understand the diversity of how human beings respond to acts of criminality within their culture. Through this form of comparative benchmarking the student will analyze and evaluate the United States’ criminal justice system with that of other cultures. Students will also critically examine contemporary issues shared across the studied countries and thoughtfully create their own recommendations to address those issues. COURSE OBJECTIVES: The student should be able to: · Identify the varying levels of criminality across cultures and how that might shape criminal justice systems. · Articulate the value of comparing the application of various criminal justice systems and the utility of knowing the associated outcomes of those practices. · Evaluate the integrity of sources of international criminal justice statistics. · Understand the importance of the sources of various criminal justice systems to their formation. · Differentiate the methods used to address juvenile justice across the studied countries. · Assess the ramifications of being incarcerated in various countries. · Analyze alternative approaches to criminal justice in a manner that promotes consideration, and possibly synthesis, of these alternatives when confronted with issues of crime. · Understand the role terrorism plays in tactical and strategic planning of criminal justice activities. · Explore both the need for collaboration and limitations inherent to trans-border coordination to address transnational crime. · Evaluate the role of leaders in the criminal justice system by considering the many responsibilities accounted for when selecting appropriate courses of action. Expected Prerequisites in course sequence: CJ110 Introduction to Criminal Justice CJ120 Introduction to Law Enforcement