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CJ455 Investigation of Organized Crime

The study of organized crime is one of the most fascinating educational endeavors, posing thematic, scholarly, and ideological questions. As we attempt to understand this area of interest, bear in mind that during the past century organized crime became the most insidious form of criminality involving criminals, politicians, bankers, lawyers, and the all-important users of illegal goods and services. The problem of organized crime is examined from a social perspective using specially designed pedagogical features that you will find in the text. These include objectives, critical thinking projects, chapter summaries, key terms, points of discussion, and suggested readings for the student. You will encounter a considerable amount of material on the topics of emerging groups, redefining organized crime (OC), drug-trafficking cartels, Chinese OC, Nigerian drug traffickers, Albanian drug-smuggling networks, organized crime and the Bushes, Tri-border Area OC activity along with updated case studies, statistics, and graphics.