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CJ490 The Investigation of White Collar Crime

One of the guiding premises of this course is that the range of activities that can fall under the heading of white collar crime is more pervasive and more costly to society than are conventional crime and deviance. The study of white collar crime should obviously be of interest to students planning criminal justice careers and to people already employed in the criminal justice system. As the investigation and prosecution of white collar crime increases, career opportunities for individuals well informed about this type of activity should expand. The law in the white collar realm that confronts pre-law and law students is especially dynamic and complex. The problem of corporate liability poses special difficulties, and the subtle and sometimes arbitrary lines of demarcation between criminal law and civil law are crucial aspects of the study of white collar crime. The study of white collar crime is likely to be of interest to students of the social and behavioral sciences because white collar criminality, as it is defined here, often involves human behavior in its most devious and diabolical forms. Finally, as citizens, employees, employers, and professionals, most of us are likely to be affected more by white collar crime than by any other type of criminal activity. Prerequisite: All Required Liberal Arts and 100/200-Level Courses