Academic Catalog

DNP850B Project Proposal

This course is the continuation of DNP850A - Project Planning. Under the direction of a Project Committee, students will frame the Project within the context of the relevant academic literature. Using this knowledge, students solidify the methodology of the Project and will complete the required CITI trainings to conduct a Project. During this course the students will complete the final draft of chapter one, chapters two and three of the DNP Capstone-Project documenting their learning aligned to the Academic Quality Review guidelines for the DNP evidence-based Project. The student will create their Project proposal presentation and verbally defend their proposal to obtain their Project Committee’s approval to proceed to IRB application. At the completion of this course, students will have obtained all site-specific IRBs or permissions and formally applied for Aspen University’s IRB.

Prerequisite: DNP850A.

Intensive practice immersion experiences inform the preparation of a practice-focused DNP Capstone Project. Upon completion of the A and B versions of this DNP Project course, students must document a combined total of 280 logged practice hours.