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EDD814 Ethical Issues in Education

This course will explore ethics as it applies to education in terms of administration, curriculum, and classroom instruction at the primary and higher education levels. Students will also conduct research and complete readings on policy and business as it relates to education and how current policy and the links between education and business frame the goals and context of ethics in education. As a doctorate level course, Ethical Issues in Education will provide readings and supplementary materials as a basis for student research and exploration of these topics. The course is organized into various topics with complementary texts. Students will read a text and formulate papers based on the topics presented in the modules. Students will also fulfill an assignment of creating lesson plans for teaching ethics in the classroom. Ethics is a very broad area and requires a theoretical basis of knowledge, but, more importantly, requires students to explore how to maintain ethical action in educational atmospheres. Students will explore their own view of ethics and education in order to provide a framework for how to make ethics applicable in the professional education field. Prerequisite: RSH801