Academic Catalog


Academic Operations

Dr. Cheri St. Arnauld, President/Chief Academic Officer

Dr. Joanne Weiss, Provost

Dr. Kevin Thrasher, VP Faculty Services and Scholarship

Liz FernandezVice President, Academic and Regulatory Operations

Dr. Nina Beaman, Chief Nursing Administrator

Dr. Marcos Gayol, Dean, Nursing and Health Sciences- Distance Education

Dr. Jenny ErkfitzDean, Nursing- BSN Pre-Licensure

Dr. Eva Ballard, Dean, School of Education

Dr. Daniel Zimmerman, Dean, School of Business and Technology

Dr. Tracy Lookingbill, Director of Doctoral Nursing Program

Dr. Jeannie Randall, Director of Graduate Nursing Programs

Dr. Sarah Gabua, Director of RN-BSN Program

Dr. Jennifer Overturf, Director of BSN Pre-Licensure Program (Arizona- Phoenix Elwood location)

Dr. Norma Gano, Director of BSN Pre-Licensure Program (Arizona- Honor Health location)

Dr. Zachary Nethers, Director of BSN Pre-Licensure Program (Florida- Tampa location)

Dr. Rhonda Winegar, Director of BSN Pre-Licensure Program (Texas- Austin location)

Dr. Elizabeth Cooper, Director of BSN Pre-Licensure Program (Tennessee- Nashville location)

Dr. Anne Coleman, Director, Health Sciences Programs

Katie Brown, Registrar

Danah Laugesen, Director of Enrollment, Online

Steven Crask, Director of Enrollment, Doctoral and Alumni

James Mathews, Director of Academic Support

Jessica Peters, Director of Student Services

Darren Rosselli, Director of National Admissions

Sheila Unwin, Director of Curriculum

Joel Whalen, Director of Faculty Services


Financial Operations

Cheryl Julaka, VP, Operations

Sasha Zohreh, Director of Financial Aid

Cassie Crane, Executive Director of Student Accounts

Patricia Shelabarger, Director of Student Accounts