Academic Catalog

Readmission Policy

Student Readmission

Any student who has been withdrawn from the University is required to complete an application for readmission and meet the University’s admission requirements. Students must meet current admission policies and abide by program requirements, tuition, and fees at the time of readmission. To be readmitted to Aspen University and permitted to re-enroll, a student must complete an application at Once the application is completed, the student will be contacted by an Enrollment Advisor, who will assist the student with the readmissions process.  Exceptions to entrance GPA admissions requirements may be considered for those students who have already completed at least half of their program at Aspen University.

Readmission is not guaranteed; pending review, students may be subject to additional stipulations. Additional documentation may be required due to changes in admissions policies or procedures. Readmission is necessary for any student who wants to resume degree candidacy after any of the following situations:

  • Student initiated withdrawal from the University
  • Failure to follow the University’s Continuous Enrollment Policy
  • Failure to commence a course within 180 days of acceptance into the University
  • Dismissal due to failure to meet Good Academic Standing

Students may reapply for admission into their previous program, or a substantially equivalent program if the previous program is no longer available. If a student or returning alumni who has graduated from a program is readmitted, they will be subject to the program requirements, tuition, and fees in effect at the time of readmission. Students and returning alumni may need to be financially cleared before returning to the University.

Students dismissed from the University will be required to appeal prior to readmission. Students should contact their Academic Advisor for more information regarding the appeal process.