Academic Catalog

Student Identity Policy

The purpose of this policy is to ensure that Aspen University operates in compliance with the provisions of the United States Federal Higher Education Opportunity Act (HEOA) concerning the verification of student identity in distance education. Aspen University verifies the identity of students enrolled in the University’s programs and courses. Verification of identity is initiated during the admissions process, at which time all applicants are provided a unique Learner’s ID. Admitted students must create a Student Portal account using their unique Learner’s ID and set a password in order to access their student record information in the Student Portal. An account is created for the assigned individual for the exclusive use by that individual. It is the student’s responsibility to maintain the security of their password and it is against University policy to share passwords or allow third party access to the Student Portal or Learning Management System. Users are responsible for any and all users of their accounts.

Aspen University has the following processes in place to ensure that the admitted student is the same student who participates in coursework and is awarded credit:

  • A secure login and password.
  • Proctored exams administered during the student’s program of study. Proctors are required to review government-issued photo identification to confirm student identity.
  • In addition to the above processes, faculty have a role in identity verification by remaining alert to changes in student behavior or sudden shifts in performance or writing ability that may indicate possible academic integrity concerns. In these instances, faculty should follow established academic integrity policies and procedures.