Academic Catalog

Financial Aid Student Rights, Responsibilities, and Disclosures

Financial Aid Student Rights

  • To be advised of what financial aid programs are available and how to apply for them;
  • To be advised of the requirements in cases of withdrawal, such as refunds or repayments of financial aid;
  • To be advised of the requirements for maintaining financial aid standards of satisfactory academic progress and good academic standing; and
  • To have all application information treated with the highest confidentiality.

Financial Aid Student Responsibilities

As a financial aid applicant or recipient, a student has the following responsibilities:

  • To seek Financial Awareness Counseling to assist the student in determining how much Federal Loan money to borrow;
  • To complete Entrance Counseling if the student intends to borrow Federal Loans;
  • To apply for financial aid if a student wishes to be considered for financial assistance;
  • To submit all required forms accurately and completely;
  • To provide documentation, verification of income, corrections, and/or any information to complete the financial aid file, if applicable;
  • To accept responsibility for all forms and agreements the student signs;
  • To use financial aid only for the student’s actual educational expenses; and
  • To complete Exit Counseling upon graduation or leaving the institution if the student has borrowed Federal Loans

NSLDS Consumer Disclosure

In accordance with Federal Regulation, Aspen reports enrollment data to the National Student Loan Data System (NSLDS) every 60 days. Aspen certifies the enrollment status for all students who appear on the NSLDS Enrollment Roster that is sent to the school. Students not currently receiving Title IV aid at Aspen, who would like to be added to the roster to have enrollment status reported to NSLDS, may obtain an In-School Deferment Form from their loan servicer and complete the borrower sections. The completed form should be submitted to the Office of the Registrar. The Registrar’s Office will verify enrollment status, complete the School Official section, and send the completed form to the loan servicer.