Academic Catalog

Student Services

Aspen University has a commitment to the educational goals of a regional, national, and international student population.

This mission, shared by the entire University community, is that students live and learn in an environment that fosters a supportive and caring community. The Office of Student Services makes every attempt to meet the needs of the University’s globally diverse students through various programs designed to enhance the experience of all students.


Aspen University’s website,, provides students with up-to-date information about academic offerings and student events.

Alumni Services

As a graduate of Aspen University, alumni are entitled to valuable benefits including discounts on subsequent degree programs and access to online social communities such as Facebook and LinkedIn.

Ordering Official Transcripts

Students may request official transcripts by completing an official transcript request through the National Student Clearinghouse. Official transcripts are only issued to students in good financial standing with the University, except for students in those states that require issuance despite financial standing. Students may download their unofficial transcripts via this Student Portal at any time.

Employment Services

Aspen University does not guarantee employment to any applicant as a condition of their application, acceptance, or attendance in any program. Aspen University does not promote employment services or make student referrals to prospective employers based on direct contact with the employer regarding current job openings to any student attending Aspen University online programs.  Accessible from the D2L classroom, Aspen University's Career Resource Center offers current students career resources tailored to their specific program of study and related industries. The resources provided include job sites, resume and cover letter samples, interview tips, and utilizing social media sites. Students are also able to submit their resume to be reviewed and critiqued by an Academic Advisor.

Academic Advisement

Aspen University has supportive faculty and staff members who work with each student to help support the student’s success at the University. An Academic Advisor is assigned to each student upon enrollment. This approach provides students with an available point of contact for academic and administrative direction. The advisor assists the student in course scheduling/registration, developing a degree-completion plan, and clarifying University policies and procedures.

New Student Orientation

Aspen University provides individualized orientations for all new students. Upon registration for their first course, all new students schedule a New Student Orientation through their Student Portal. In the New Student Orientation, an Academic Advisor walks the student through the D2L classroom to orient them to navigating the online classroom and to familiarize them with course expectations.

Honors Society

Aspen University recognizes the extraordinarily high academic achievements and leadership of our outstanding students in the Delta Epsilon Tau National Honor Society. To recognize the academic achievements of students who study at a distance, Aspen University joined the Delta Epsilon Tau Honor Society, successfully establishing our Alpha of Colorado Chapter.

Students eligible for the honor society are notified at the time of their degree conferral. All students within the Delta Epsilon Tau Honor Society have graduated with a minimum of a 3.5 GPA, actively participated in Aspen University activities, and demonstrated leadership and a commitment to distance education and learning.

Aspen University also participates in the Sigma Theta Tau Nursing Honor Society and the Sigma Beta Delta Business, Management, and Administration Honor Society. 

Student ID Cards

Students may request a Student ID Card by emailing A photo must be included with the request. The photo must be a full-face, front-view, head shot with a plain background. No photos using filters will be accepted.

Commencement Ceremony

Aspen University holds an annual commencement ceremony. Students who are within 6 credits of completing their program at the time of the RSVP deadline may walk in the commencement ceremony. BSN Pre-Licensure students will be invited to attend the ceremony in the calendar year in which their cohort completes the program. Eligible students are notified via email of the location and date of the ceremony.

Student Portal

Aspen University students use the Student Portal as a self-service resource center. The Student Portal provides one location for students to access their program curriculum plan and payment history, register for courses, and connect with their Academic Advisor. Students also use the Student Portal to access the online classroom. Additionally, the Student Portal allows students to do the following:

  • Schedule new student orientation
  • Make payments online
  • Download copies of their unofficial transcripts
  • View their financial aid award information
  • Generate financial receipts
  • Update contact information