Academic Catalog

Aspen University 2023-2024 Academic Catalog

Aspen University understands the educational needs of working professionals and their desire to have relevant opportunities for lifelong learning. We also understand that our students take pride in their accomplishments, their ability to direct their own lives, and their potential to grow in today’s rapidly changing work environments. We are aware of the demands and constraints associated with trying to fit education into an already busy work and life schedule. By harnessing the power of the Internet and online collaboration, Aspen University has created interactive, flexible, and facilitated online courses designed to fit around the professional lifestyle. Education at Aspen University is a journey of professional growth.

Expert Instructors

Aspen University understands your educational needs as a working professional and your desire for lifelong learning opportunities. All courses are facilitated by industry-expert instructors with advanced degrees, so you can be assured of a high level of relevant and meaningful feedback.

Monthly Payment Plan

We want our students to graduate with great opportunities for their future, not large student loan debt. We are charging affordable tuition rates and offering a Monthly Payment Plan, which allows students to make one low payment each month.

Flexible Courses and Scheduling

Aspen University’s online courses are accessible anywhere and anytime. Since most students are earning a degree while working full-time jobs, Aspen offers flexible scheduling.



This catalog is true and correct as to content and policy as of the date of its publication. Aspen University reserves the right to change policies, tuition and fees, academic calendars and to revise curricula as deemed necessary and desirable to reflect changes to federal, state, and other regulatory agencies.