Academic Catalog

Payment Methods

Aspen’s Economic Responsibility Goal is to offer tuition rates low enough that a majority of our students will not incur debt through utilization of federal financial aid and to ensure alumni have achieved a return on investment benefit following earning a degree from Aspen. To achieve this goal, Aspen University has established several payment methods from which students may choose. These payment methods are outlined below.

Monthly Payment Plan

Students that participate in the Monthly Payment Plan make one payment per month, based upon their degree program. The payment is automatically charged on the same day each month to the credit or debit card provided by the student at the time of enrollment. When a payment is made, Aspen University applies that payment towards tuition and fees the student has incurred. Participation in the Monthly Payment Plan is voluntary and students may stop their participation in the Monthly Payment Plan at any time.

Federal Student Aid

Aspen University is approved by the U.S. Department of Education to participate in Federal Student Financial Aid Programs. Financial Aid is available to qualifying U.S. citizens and permanent residents. Financial Aid programs include both grants and loans. To learn more about Federal Student Aid, please contact the Office of Financial Aid.

Installment Plan

Students that enroll in the Installment Plan pay their course tuition over three months, instead of paying their course tuition in full before the course begins. The first payment is made on the first day of class, the second payment is made on the 31st day of class and the final payment is made 5 days after the course’s scheduled end date.

Credit or Debit Card

Students can use their credit or debit card to pay for their tuition or fees when they enroll in a course. In this case, the student must pay their course tuition and any outstanding fees prior to enrolling in the course.

Employer Direct Billing

Aspen University has Direct Billing agreements in place with employers. Students of employers participating have their tuition and fees paid to Aspen University directly from their employer. Please contact Student Accounts or your Human Resources Manager to determine if your employer participates.