BSN PL Handbook Florida


As a Nursing Student at Aspen University, it is expected that you emulate the characteristics and traits befitting of a professional nurse, which is the end goal you have identified.  It is expected that you will be honest, accountable, respectful, and trustworthy in all aspects of student and academic life, and with all persons that you come in contact within the academic community. Communication is expected to always be respectful, with kindness and the intent that at minimum a neutral resolve will be the conclusion when conflict exists.

Guidelines of Communication with your Faculty Member are presented here so that you understand the timeframe and turnaround time that you may expect a response.

It is important to remember that when you are communicating with your instructor regardless of the format used, that you do so in a respectful manner with a mature and appropriate tone.  When communicating by email, do not use CAPS only as this is recognized as an angry and antagonistic tone. State your issue/question succinctly and indicate what guidance you are requesting.  Please note that a reasonable response time to requests is 48 – 72 hours, so patience is expected to be exhibited during this time-period. If the issue is of a pressing or urgent matter, please label this as such in the subject line of your email. Do not request your faculty member to be your friend on Facebook or other social media. It is important to keep the professional boundary of faculty member and student intact.

Following the Chain of Command is expected of all students with all issues of concern. If an issue exists within the classroom situation, the student is expected to approach the instructor with whom the issue lies first. If the situation is in the lab, clinical or simulation the student is expected to approach the instructor for that event, and then in nor resolved go to the lab/simulation director before making a formal complaint. Should the student feel that the issue has not been addressed fairly, nor abiding by policy, the next appropriate communication is a Formal Complaint which will be reviewed and investigated by the Program Director. The Formal Complaint form must be submitted with applicable and supportive evidence within 90 days of the incident in which the complaint situation has occurred.