BSN PL Handbook Florida

Purpose of the Handbook

The BSN Pre-Licensure Student Handbook has been developed to assist students as they progress through the Core. This Handbook is intended to highlight information specific to the School of Nursing and Health Sciences (SONHS) and the BSN Pre-Licensure program. The information is only a supplement to the Aspen University Academic Catalog and does not supersede information, policies, or procedures found in the current Aspen University Academic Catalog.

As a student, it is expected that you become familiar and comply with information, policies, and procedures of Aspen University SONHS and the BSN Pre-Licensure program. Failure to read this Handbook does not excuse a student from the requirements and regulations described herein. Any updates to the Handbook will be published on the Aspen University website. Aspen University reserves the right to update the Handbook at any time. Students are responsible for reviewing the Handbook regularly.


Certified as true and correct in content and policy by

Joanne Weiss, Provost

August 31, 2023