DNP Handbook

Advisory Board Information

Program Advisory Board

Purpose: The Program Advisory Board acts in an advisory and consultative capacity to promote, assist, and perpetuate the goals and objectives of Aspen University nursing program. This board meets twice per year.


  • Identify emerging health care needs that may require programmatic and institutional response
  • Provide an opportunity for the exchange of viewpoints between business/professional persons, alumni, and academicians as they relate to nursing education.
  • Provide a direct liaison between faculty and the community for the purpose of promoting the activities and mission of the Aspen University nursing program and the nursing profession.
  • Advise and inform the EAC on local, state, and national perceptions regarding nursing education and the nursing profession, suggest possible avenues for marketing the

Membership: The dean and various members of the community of interest: current student, alumni, nurses, leaders in health care