EdD Handbook

Program Requirements

Program Completion Requirements

Doctoral programs are designed to be completed in four years from the date of initial enrollment. Ideally, a student would complete the dissertation within two years after beginning their dissertation course sequence.

The student will need to meet the program completion requirements as outlined in the Academic Catalog.

Required GPA

Students must meet requirements for Good Academic Standing as outlined in the Academic Catalog.


Doctoral Residencies

Doctoral Residency I: All EDD and DSCS students are required to attend a virtual residency within RSH900. This residency covers the Aspen Library, Student Support, and Advising Teams, Understanding Doctoral Resources, Time Management Strategies, and Self Care. Students reflect on the information and share their reflections as an assignment in the course. 


Doctoral Residency II: All EDD and DSCS students must attend a weeklong residency within the D2L classroom with required discussion questions and assignments. The weeklong residency includes two live Zoom sessions with doctoral faculty and doctoral leadership, introducing the expectations and workshopping the topics covered in the residency. The goal of this residency is to allow doctoral students to collaborate and connect with Aspen faculty and peers. Completion of this requirement is due in Module 7 of RSH912. Doctoral Residency II is offered quarterly, and students may select one of the weeklong offerings to complete to meet the course requirement. Information on the residency dates and FAQs are located in the Doctoral Lounge.