DNP Handbook

Project and Preceptorship

Doctor of Nursing Practice Project and Preceptorship

In the Aspen University Doctoral program, the cornerstone requirement for all students is the successful completion of the DNP Project. This undertaking involves the creation and approval of a DNP project by a specially appointed DNP Project Team, designated by Aspen University. The DNP courses offered within the program provide a comprehensive framework and guidance for crafting the DNP Project.

The DNP Project serves as a testament to the original work carried out by each student on their journey toward earning a Doctoral degree. This project represents a fusion of existing research and the student's innovative contribution to the broader body of human knowledge and the field of practice. It underscores the student's ability to collect, analyze, and effectively communicate data using critical thinking, analytical prowess, and synthesis skills.

Each Doctoral Student is tasked with crafting a DNP Project that showcases the outcomes of their project development and implementation. A successful project should constitute a substantial and original piece of work, firmly rooted in an appropriate body of literature. It should also possess relevance to the nursing field, whether in the historical context, contemporary practice, or potential future developments. Furthermore, the project should make a noteworthy contribution or advancement within the nursing field.

The responsibility lies with the student to collaborate with their DNP Project Team, in conjunction with the Faculty Chair, to determine the appropriate level of support and guidance required. As deemed necessary, students are encouraged to seek additional expertise and resources to enhance their project. As students progress toward the final stages of their doctoral program, it is expected that they will require less external assistance in conducting their project, composing the Project Manuscript, and acquiring the necessary guidance to successfully complete the DNP journey.

Doctoral students in this program are essentially scholars in the making, equipped with clear objectives and an unwavering commitment to realizing their initial goals set at the commencement of their doctoral journey. The DNP Project Team will evaluate and approve the resulting DNP Project upon a final review. While training, editing, and other forms of assistance are encouraged and deemed acceptable, it is imperative to emphasize that the DNP Project must be the sole work of the student, without any external production or interference.